Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dismount Shishmount

I admit. I'm guilty of it. Not dismounting on certain pedestrian paths. To be fair, I very, very rarely ride on the sidewalk (when I do, I half dismount and coast on one leg and absolutely keep my distance). But for these short connections between bike paths and roads, it's easier to just quickly pedal by. Unless of course, you encounter one of these people...

Locked up?

If you are going to lock up your bike, do it right. A wheel is a terrible thing to lose.

I mean you gotta account for locking both wheels, whether you use a second cable lock, pinheads...handcuffs?...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


After all I've observed between Hasidim and Cyclists, I was VERY surprised yet extremely excited to observe what seemed to be the bridging of en enormous gap. From what I've heard, after the mitzvah, Hasidic Jews are not to ride bikes. This obviously isn't the case here. You go girl!

Oh yeah but you need a helmet, don't forget.