Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brock's Bike Blog

I am a Philadelphian living in New York. The worst part about moving to New York was not having room in my apartment for my bicycle (that, and having to be surrounded by New York sports fans 24/7). Because of that, I had a friend of mine in Philly bike-sitting for me. When I finally moved into a bigger spot in February, I called up my buddy, told him I wanted my bike back, at which point I found out it had been stolen. He then paid me the $300 we had agreed on prior to the arrangement, and I went hunting for a new bike. I bought a Trek 7.3fx hybrid. Since them I ride everywhere: near, far, across town, downtown, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn...In 98% of destinations, biking has proven to be the quickest and cheapest option possible. This blog will be my outlet for expressing my enthusiasms, venting emotions and critiquing society's reaction to an increasingly biker oriented city.

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