Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Bike Lane aint a Bike Lane if...

...if you can't bike in it!  Let me just say, I do commend the efforts of city planners and the cooperation of the DOT to paint green bike lanes on Broadway and other streets throughout the city. HOWEVER, why would you add another space in between the bike lane and the traffic lane with tables and benches for people to occupy? That forces people to walk through the bike lane. ARRRGHHHHHH! Why!?!? Look at this!

Why not just put the seating area next to the sidewalk where the pedestrians belong, not sandwiched between two moving lanes? Did anybody think this through? I almost took out like 8 people in a 3 block span. I ended up just using the road. For this lane: thanks, but no thanks.

1 comment:

  1. Yea...somebody didn't think this through too well.

    On another biking related note...I notice this in Brooklyn especially...when we have a bike lane in a one-way road, why do bikers insist that the bike lane somehow entitles them to drive against the flow of traffic? One way means ONE WAY.