Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brock fought the law and the..Brock won!

Bike ticket #2 has been successfully dismissed.  At a February 18th appearance at the MTA Transit Adjudication Bureau hearing in Brooklyn, my January 19th ticket for riding my bike on the Atlantic Ave 4/5 subway platform was ruled invalid because the officer had omitted the time of the offense on the ticket when originally written, then added it later, making my ticket not an exact copy of what was on file.

The hearing consisted of a 1-on-1 in a small room with an MTA judicial official who discovered the error upon reading the case background information into the tape recorder. She promptly stated the ticked was dismissed and then ended the recording without me saying a word. Afterwards, when asked if I had questions, I brought up the arguments I was planning to use, such as that the code of conduct section 1050.6a was the wrong offense, and also that the ticket said I was riding my bike on the train when it was actually the platform. The judge indicated those were also valid arguments, but the bottom line is you should probably fight any ticket you ever get because you never know.

Current Score
Brock: 2
Cops who like to give bike tickets to Brock: 0

Here are the MTA subway rules.

is some interesting insight on the TAB hearings.

Another interesting aspect of the experience was seeing a Rasta-like character in the waiting room who had coincidentally picked a relevant ticket number...

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